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What our clients say

Thank you MMCE! Special thanks to Mr. Mahmoud and Alona Bangoy.

Abdulrahman Mesto

I sincerely appreciate your kind attention & valuable support given t me during my application for migration to Canada. It shows how sincere you are and with very professional way. Wish you all the best & continues success.

Naseer Sharba

This is to express my gratitude to the professional work of Montreal Management Consultants Ets. to whom we owe for being now permanent residents in Canada. The team has followed up our case till we have settled in Canada with commitment, truthfulness, and friendliness. I greatly recommend MMC for every person who wishes to immigrate.

Adnan Ibrahim & Maha Bahari, Android IT Consultant

Thank you very much for all team of Montreal Management Consultants Est. Your support and good service assisted me and my family to immigrant to Canada under the PNP Business Immigration Progress. Really they take care to my case as a real family, not as a business I am grateful and many thanks to you all. Special thanks to Mr. Mahmoud Khattab who helped, guide me throw my process. I recommend MMCE to any person wish to immigrate for their professional, honest and a real support. I always will remember you as friends. Many thanks to my friends who advise me to choose MMCE. Thanks to Cristina and all MMCE. 

Tanheed Al-Nuaimy

Thank you so much for your excellent services & consultations. I would also like to thank you for your continuous legal advice even after I got my PR. I personally recommended you and gave your contact details to many of my friends who are considering immigration.

Rana Hisham

I had my immigration application processed through Montreal Management Office and got it approved. I found true trusted advices and a place I can count on to get my application worked out. I thank everyone there and also many thanks for Mahmoud Khattab.

Mohamed Abouzalan

To the team of Montreal Management. Happy work anniversary to you all in Montreal Mangement, and wishing you all the best in this new year. I would like to take advantage on such occasion to express my deepest grateful and thanks for all the support and patience I faced and experienced with you guys during the process of my application. I know I’ve been pain in the ……, yet I’ve always been treated in the best professional manner that could be ever expected, you have guided me through, advised me how and when, and supported me during the long process I had, until we’ve been able to harvest the fruitful ending. Again, wishing you all the best.

Hanna Mardini

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to MMCE for their great effort in handling our immigration to Canada professionally from beginning to the end. We were astonished with the team efficiency and commitment to complete all the stages successfully on time. Mr. Mahmoud did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend MMCE.

Ali Darraji

We are grateful to you for your efforts, dedication and follow up for my case, you really solve my worries. We can no other answer make but thanks and thanks.

Yasin Awa

Thanks for the best service anyone can get.

Abdul Kareem Alwash

We had a great experience dealing with a professional lawyer and staff. Thanks Montreal

Eng. Yaman Al-Saadi, Civil Engineer

They are the best, I got my immigration very fast, they are professional only the necessary papers they are requesting. From beginning, he will tell if eligible or not. Highly recommend them as the best consultant agent.

Ali Sabah Abdulhussein, General Practitioner

We have contacted Montreal Management Consultancy to evaluate our eligibility to submit for immigration to Canada. We have met Mr. Mahmoud Khattab, who explained all the options we have according to our qualifications as well as all the requirements in details. Mr. Khattab followed up with us step by step and was so efficient and experienced, that he could answer all of our questions. We have been given all the time we needed and all of our queries have been attended. Once we submitted our complete file, Montreal Management Consultancy added all the supporting references that may highlight our experience and strengthen our file. They were so honest in all the procedures and the processing time, never turned us down nor gave us fake promises. Even after finalizing the payments, they are still providing the guidance and support whenever possible. Now that our file has been accepted and we have completed our permanent residency procedures, I would like to thank Montreal Management Consultancy in general, and Mr. Mahmoud Khattab in specific for all the support and time they’ve provided to facilitate our immigration and make it feel easy.
The company proved to be so professional and reliable that I have recommended it to all of my friends who are planning to immigrate.

Eva Tomeh

I am writing these simple words to express my satisfaction & thank you for the great efforts that have been exerted by your kind professional experts especially Mr. Mahmoud & Miss Alona that lead to the success of my Canadian immigration process. Dealing with your reputed organization was one of the most felicitous decisions on our life. Brotherly behavior of Montreal’s team, as well as their continuous assiduous guidance and punctuality, encouraged us to advise friends and relatives to deal with your company. Finally, I feel that my words are so poor to appreciate your superb performance. Warm wishes to your continuous success and prosperity.

Dr. Sarah A. Al Mahyawi

To the team in Montreal Management. This is to express my gratitude for helping us to get the PR card, I’m sure that you are professional in your work, it was our pleasure to submit our file through your office, special thanks to Alona and Mr. Mahmoud for their extraordinary help and support.

Dr. S.J. Al Shamaa

Thank you indeed!! MMCE are second to none. I appreciate the high-quality service and attention paid for small details that helped us to accomplish the objective.

Ahmad Daboul, Reporting Specialist OPCO Budgets & Reporting, Qatargas Operating Company Limited

It is our great pleasure to write this endorsement letter and to compliment on the ability of the staff of Montreal Management Consultants to conduct our application efficiently and successfully.

We were impressed at our first meetings with you by your willingness and confidence to make us permanent residents of Canada or Canadians. Furthermore, it was great surprise for us to know that you do not get any money unless after our landing in Canada, and this is what really happened. My family and I are now permanent residents of Canada. Money was settled only after our landing in Canada.

You were also generous in rendering your services to your clients. You were even kind in giving and donating time on phone for any question occurs to our mind. Whenever we call you inquiring about any news we hear from people around us, you used to answer us and explain the right story. Thus we feel relaxed that we are on the right way with the right people who proved to be professional and knowledgeable. My wife always remembers calling Mr. Ayham more than once though our file was not his responsibility, but every time she called, he used to reply to her questions gladly and politely without referring her to anyone else. The same thing happened to me whenever I called Mr. Mahmoud who consistently used to answer me though he was busy most of his times. 

The staff of Montreal Management Consultants is reliable and dedicated. I always trusted my papers to them and my information was never revealed out nor any paper lost. The secretaries worked professionally to make our procedures easy; and whenever I called them, they can update me instantly on my file.

Because of all that dedication by the staff of Montreal Management Consultants, I trusted another two files of my children to them again. The staff worked on these two files so eagerly and professionally. I remember when I told Ms. Alona that it was mid of July and my son had an interview in Canada with his school principal beginning of August, and he had not yet got his visa to travel to Canada. She immediately emailed the embassy with a reasonable convincing letter and in a short time could get the visa for my son.

Montreal Management Consultants is always counted on to deliver exceptional support and guidance to all clients. They have my highest recommendation to whoever looking to apply for immigration.

I had the pleasure working with Montreal Management Consultants since 2013, and they have amazed me with the ability to come up with new and practical ideas based on solid knowledge in the area they are working on.

Mohammed Tawfiq Odabachi

On behalf of myself and family, I am sending this card to congratulate you on the 25th anniversary of your great organization. I had my immigration application to Canada processed through MMCE who were so professional and organized till they got it approved. On this anniversary, I would like to sincerely thank you for the great services, advices and efforts you had extended as well as the later follow-up and email you had been sending following my moving to Canada. Wish you all the success and development you deserve.

Engr. Ismail Al Buheissi

Wish you always a success, the professional, honest, vibrant Montreal Management Consultants.

Fadi Fadel

I would like to thank you for excellent services. I have always been pleased with the services you provided me for the whole past years. I highly appreciate your support and cooperation without following up my case, I could not achieve my goals. Your following up really encouraged me and made me to achieve my task.

Mysar Mohammed Abdul Qader

Thank you for your support and understanding towards our plans to settle in Canada

Ali Redha

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